Our Stylist


Edith Gastelum

I get asked…..”why am I a hairdresser?” Simple, “With a single conversation and a skilled touch you can start the shift of positive change.” I love color transformation and pride myself on keeping the integrity of my clients hair.


Maria D.Sicre

I have been in the industry since 2008. I specialize in color transformations and custom hair cuts. This ever changing career has allowed me to offer something new and exciting to my beautiful guest. The continuing education is the fuel to my passion. Seeing my clients smile is truly priceless!

Studio Stylist (Downtown Location)

Alyssa Cota-Robles

I am most passionate about making guests look and feel amazing while having the ability to be creative at the same time. I have a love for blonding, fantasy colors, textured hair/waves, haircutting and make-up.

Studio Stylist (Downtown Location)

Dominique (Nikkie) Ramirez

I chose the beauty industry because who doesn’t want to help others feel and look beautiful?! I love creating a different look for each guest and making them feel unique. I enjoy doing all types of cuts and color!

Makeup Artist / Lash Artist (Vail & Downtown Location)

Arely Moreira

I love to see people happy after every service done. I love to be creative with anything I put my hands on.

Studio Stylist (Vail Location)

Brittany Molina

I have always loved the beauty industry. I believe self care is very important and I love that I am able to be apart of making someone feel confident and beautiful everyday! I specialize in blonding, balayage, and color transformations.

Studio Stylist (Downtown Location)

Gabrielle (Ellie) Mackie

I love being in the beauty industry because it gives me the opportunity to make everyone feel beautiful from the inside and out! I specialize in highlights, Balayage and blonding.

Studio Stylist (Vail Location)

Chrisy Vo

I love the industry I am in because it allows me to help people with their confidence! This industry is about being creative whether it is a color and haircut service. My specialties are extensions, balayage, blonding and fantasy color techniques.

Apprentance Stylist (Downtown/ Vail Location)

Jeane Meza

My passion is in the beauty industry. I believe there is beauty in everyone. With the right tools and unique techniques I can help bring out your best hair yet. As an assistant stylist my goal is to help assist with giving you a look that will forever change the way you look and feel.

Studio Stylist (Vail Location)

Patricia (Patti) Cervantes

I chose the beauty industry because it is my passion! I specialize in special occasion makeup, color and brow waxing. I love making our guest feel beautiful from the moment they walk into our salon, and even more walking out!

Studio Stylist (Vail Location)

Chandler Johnson

I have had a passion for the beauty industry for as long as I can remember. I love being able to connect with someone and make them feel great through their hair. I love doing blondes, fantasy colors and anything that will help someone come out of their shell!

Front Desk

Jisselle Galindo

I love being a part of the beauty industry because I get to experience seeing women feel empowered and beautiful. It gives me confidence to myself and brings a BIG smile to my face!

Front Desk

Kalista Jaime

I have always loved the beauty industry, my favorite part about the industry is that there is constantly new things to learn. I love to see how beautiful the clients look and feel after leaving About Me.

Front Desk

Joycee Quevedo Martinez

My passion is makeup. The fact that I can make someone feel so different but still help reflect their personalities is so beautiful to me. I chose to be a part of this ever changing industry due to that. Our beauty standards and expectations changes as we progress as human beings. Beauty lies with in all of us whether we reflect society’s “standards” of beauty or not.

Front Desk

Briana Molina

What I am passionate about in the hair industry is the ongoing education, staying on top with new trends and always new training techniques.Running day to day operations for About Me Hair Studio and being the fore front has allowed me to establish great customer relations and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.